Jim Richardson is one of the best lawyers you will find in the country; he is brilliant, ethical, and can think on his feet. Highly intelligent and with a superb sense of humor, he has been my attorney for many years, handling numerous complex matters.

– Executive Director, Wright Family Foundation

Jim was always the lawyer in charge of our litigation. He maintained a strong yet professional demeanor toward the opposition. When necessary, he obtained approval to settle our company's disputes and did so. However, when litigation or trial was called for, Jim handled it extremely professionally and obtained excellent results in all cases.

– General Counsel, Mercury Air Group

Jim is extraordinarily productive, clear in thinking and presentation, has an unusual ability to define what is essential and communicate it in understandable terms, works smoothly and effectively with others, hires very good staff, and wastes no time on follow-ups. His professionalism and ethics are first class. I have 40 years of experience in working with lawyers on our company payroll and outside firms.

– President, Mercantile Financial

Our business is blessed to have found such a quality lawyer to navigate thorny legal issues. Jim Richardson was able to quickly and efficiently solve our dispute for the best outcome with the least amount of time and financial cost to me. I highly recommend Jim for your personal and corporate legal needs. He rates a 10+ in my experience.

– President, Swank Institute

Jim Richardson stepped in and took control of our lawsuit after other attorneys failed to resolve it. He skillfully maneuvered to turn a complicated multiyear battle into a well-organized, step-by-step victory. Jim is a brilliant and creative thinker, often bringing levity to an otherwise challenging situation. He has my highest possible recommendation.

– President, Real Estate LLC

Jim is impeccable in his timeliness, method of communication, and knowledge of the law, he made me feel like I am a family member. The personal attention, unwavering support, guidance and passion to protect my rights was far and above anything I expected. Jim is a three-time "Best Lawyer" award winner for good reason. He is a brilliant lawyer, a man of integrity and a truly fine human being. I would not even consider using anyone else and have referred him many times to my peers.

– President, ASC

Jim Richardson has a thorough understanding of the law and keen grasp of technology matters.

– President, Vision Corporation

Jim is an amazing lawyer. He communicates quickly and effectively; we never had to wait for a reply. He consistently goes above and beyond for his client.

– Manager, Swank Institute

Jim Richardson is an outstanding lawyer who is deeply committed to his clients. He is thorough, intelligent, and hardworking. Jim has the highest possible integrity.

– Harry G. Potter III, General Counsel, Williams Kherkher Hart Boundas LLP

Jim is easy to understand and listens to the client. He gets a feel for the situation, responds quickly, and updates the client with necessary documents. To be sure, he knows his area of expertise.

– Associate General Counsel, Real Estate Investment LLC

Jim is intelligent, honest, and cares for his clients. He is truly honorable in the profession of law. Jim's integrity is beyond reproach and I am proud to know him.

– Dr. Dale Robinowitz

Jim Richardson has our very highest recommendation. We have worked with many attorneys over the years but Jim is by far the best. A board certified trial attorney, Jim was able to win our case while keeping us fully informed every step of the way. He is a consummate professional, has an outstanding reputation with the judiciary and fellow lawyers, and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Clearly a "Super Lawyer" -- a 10 on a 10 point scale.

– Business Owner