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James M. Richardson

Phone: (512) 940-1176
Fax: (512) 503-3955
Jim Richardson is one of the state’s leading trial lawyers in business litigation. Jim has annually been named one of the nation’s Best Lawyers® in Commercial Litigation for over a decade. He has been recognized by Super Lawyers® for ov… Read More
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Chris Arnell

Phone: (512) 537-8888
Fax: (512) 503-3955
Chris Arnell is an experienced trial lawyer who handles a variety of cases. From medical malpractice to contract disputes, Chris manages a mixed docket of civil and criminal cases to gain as much courtroom experience as possible. Chris has been selec… Read More
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Stefanie Scott Shah

Phone: (512) 537-8888
Fax: (512) 503-3955
Stefanie Scott Shah represents both plaintiffs and defendants in complex commercial litigation, employment litigation, class action litigation, and patent litigation matters nationwide—both in federal and state courts, at both the trial and appella… Read More
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Kristina J. Leach

Phone: (512) 885-7528
Fax: (512) 503-3955
Kristina Leach is a Litigation Paralegal for the firm, assisting the firm’s trial lawyers in complex civil litigation. Kristina specializes in all aspects of civil trial work, including complex investigation and discovery, legal research, assisting… Read More
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Emily Gerald

Phone: (512) 617-7382
Fax: (512) 503-3955
Emily Gerald is a Litigation Paralegal for the firm and holds a bachelor’s degree from Texas State University at San Marcos. She specializes in supporting the firm’s trial lawyers in complex civil litigation, including significant contract di… Read More
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Sadie Hardison

Phone: (512) 537-8888
Fax: (512) 503-3955
Sadie Hardison is currently attending Texas Tech University to pursue a bachelors degree in agricultural business and economics, as well as working on a masters degree in business with an accelerated program, with hopes of accomplishing her lifelong… Read More
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